If you would like one of our experienced corporate Résumé Writers to review your work, offer objective advice and help edit and finalize the template you develop through this app, please follow the enrollment instructions set out below.

BONUS! The Résumé Writing Assistance option also entitles you to free access to our PERSONAL GOAL SETTING MODULE. This exercise is useful if you need help to fine-tune your career objective (which will appear as the main heading of your new résumé) and decide what the best job/option is for you at this point in your life and career.  PLUS: When your résumé has been finalized we will send you our helpful “INTERVIEW PREPARATION” eBook as an additional ‘Good Luck’ bonus!


1. Use the PayPal link below to purchase the service and be sure to make note of your PayPal transaction number.

2. Then, from your ResuM8 app: (a) Tap the ‘View and Share button’ on the Home Page; (b) from the Résumé Template screen, tap ‘Share’; and then (c) tap ‘Get Personal Help’ link. This will create an email to CMS with your completed ResuM8 template attached.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to include your PayPal Transaction/Receipt number to the email. This is required so that we can match Résumé Template to paid transactions.

3. Upon receipt of payment, a CMS Consultant will review your template and email you a revised version with his or her suggestions as a MS ‘Word’ document for your review and editing. When the résumé has been finalized he or she will send you the Word file plus a PDF.

Note: If we feel we are unable to improve your résumé in any meaningful way you will receive a note from us to that effect together with a full financial refund via PayPal.